Host/Cater for Us



During the summer of 2014, Eastern North Carolina STEM students participated in two engaging field trips in the Triangle Area. The first field trip was hosted by Biogen Idec at their Community Lab in RTP (Research Triangle Park). Students conducted a gel electrophoresis lab in order to solve a genetics problem regarding the probability of inheriting hemophilia. This field trip offered out students exposure to STEM careers in addition to an opportunity to work with state of the art technology utilized by high level professionals. Eastern North Carolina STEM is grateful for Biogen Idec's generosity in hosting this field trip free of charge for our students, and we look forward to working with them in the future.

For the past two summers (2013 & 2014), Eastern North Carolina STEM students have taken their second field trip to theNorth Carolina State University's Challenge Course located in Raleigh, NC. Students and teachers participated in a half day of team building exercise and challenging high ropes obstacles. This field trip fostered collaboration and encouraged students to test their boundaries and trust of their peers. Eastern North Carolina STEM is grateful for NC State's willingness to work with high school students, as they typically serve college aged students and above. In addition, TRU Deli located in Chapel Hill, NC has provided discounted brown bag lunches consisting of gourmet sandwiches and snacks for both of our NC State Challenge Course field trips. The willingness of NC State and TRU Deli to discount their prices for high school students has made financing these field trips more feasible, and we again look forward to challenging our next cohort of students at the NC State Challenge Course.

If you are interested in hosting a field trip for 50-60 students or catering an event from June 15th, 2015 through July 3rd 2015, please contact Liz Chen at