STEM Angels (Donations of $250 and above):

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Race to the Top Grant 
BelleJAR Foundation
NC State University - University Recreation
Futrell Pharmacy Services, Inc.
Jenty White, CPA
Lowe's Distribution Center
Maddrey Insurance (Mike Temple)
Northampton County Chamber of Commerce
Roanoke Electric Cooperative
Charles Chen
Yuan and Cathy Chen
Susan Manzi
Wesley Norris
Janice Sabatine
Vinh Tran

STEM Champions (Donations of $100 and above):

Gregory B. Davis Foundation
Steve Lo
Kaye McDaniel
Joan Mannick
Gloria Manzi
Beth Moracco
Debbie Patterson
Vince Sabatine
Andrew Shih
Shaw Yang

STEM Supporters (Donations of $50 and above):

Jane Abbate
Eugenia Eng
Erin Gaesser
Julie Hammer
Vichi Jagannathan
Elaine Kaye
Paige Roseman
Teresa Sabatine
Riley Woods