Interview Day Volunteers

Every year, ENC STEM hosts Interview Days for our students, where they have the opportunity of being interviewed by volunteers from local businesses. Many of our volunteers learn of the opportunity through the Roanoke Valley Chamber of Commerce, but we also welcome other volunteers as well! Interviewers typically spend between two and six hours of their time and expertise by reviewing student cover letters and resumes, conducting interviews, and providing substantive feedback to students. If you are interested in volunteering for Interview Days, contact Dale Hammer at dale@encstem.org for more information.

Intern Positions

Recent graduates of ENC STEM are welcome to apply to be an intern at ENC STEM. ENC STEM interns have a variety of duties, from working with data and spreadsheets, to helping out teachers with their classroom tasks. Links to the job description will be posted in the “Join Our Staff” section of the “About Us” tab once the application for the position opens.